Hvar, best island in Croatia

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It is hard to decide which island is the best in Croatia!

Croatia has 1246 islands, islets and rocks! Island is land surrounded by Sea with area bigger than 1 km². By that definition Croatia has 79 islands which is still amazing number! How to decide which island is the best? A lot Croatians love small isolated islands with one village on all island and oftenly that islands don't have cars! I agree that kind of island are my type of island but that is not objective decidion which is the best!
That is why Hvar island is number one in Croatia!

Hvar is forth biggest island in Croatia (297 km²) and second island with longest coast (270 km).

To be the best island in Croatia you have to have all, which Hvar have! Who doesn't like the Sea? There is more than 120 bays on island which is more than enough for everybody! You can enjoy in those amazing bays with yacht, sailing boat, small boat, kayak or SUP! To make a circle around island is amazing but with kayak and SUP you will need more than one week for that and a lot of paddling! There are two cities on island and lots of small villages! Stari grad is the first settlement on island Hvar inhabiteted by Greeks 2400 years ago! By some stories Odysseus saw Cyclops Polyphemus on island Hvar. If that is true it was in Grapčeva cave where they were attack by local sheppard cause Odysseus crew ate goats of local sheppard who was probably living in that cave! Stari Grad Plain you can find on UNESCO World Heritage list. Plain is a cultural landscape, formed by thousands of years of human labour, made 24 centuries ago!

City of Hvar is today biggest on island and most popular one.

If you like to party and all tourist crowdness you should go to Hvar! City and Pakleni archipelago are stunning which is the reason why next famous people visit it: Orson Welles, Jodie Foster, Kevin Spacey, Prince Harry, Beyonce, Tom Cruise, Bono, Demi Moore, Ellen DeGeneres, Paris Hilton and much more... City of Hvar has more than 2700 sunny hours per year so in the summertime almost everyday is sunny and warm which is perfect to swim in amazing Adriatic Sea!

On Hvar you can rent almost everything: Van, car, oldtimers, quad, electric bike, bike, scooter, boat, kayak, SUP... If you like more guided tour there are a lot of agency that offers you amazing tours from active to passive input! If you want to dive that is also possible and amazing like skydiving which starts from above mentioned Stari Grad Plain.

Island Hvar is the best island in Croatia and if you are looking for best things you should visit island Hvar! It is possible to get on island with ferry from Split to Stari Grad or to Sućuraj village on east point of island from Drvenik village on mainland. There is also catamaran to city of Hvar if you came by foot. If you want to party than stay in city of Hvar. If you want isolation and peace than book your accomodation in small bays all around island! If you are visiting Hvar for the first time then my advice is to stay in Stari Grad, Vrboska or Jelsa. Those small towns are best for week on island cause everyday you can explore island with car, boat, kayak, bike... If you want to party there is always 30 minutes drive with local bus or taxi if you want to pay 10 times more a transfer!

Before you decide to visit best island in Croatia you should know that other 78 islands in Croatia are also amazing and diference between top 10 are really small! Don't forget most popular places are most expensive places! City of Hvar is one of most expensive cities in Croatia, other places on island Hvar have normal prices!

Autor: Dario Olrom