In the many freaks of this wonderful life, there was also a 5.75 meter wooden kayak in my living room in the Borongaj apartment. I knew I could do it with the help of friends, YouTube videos, and the notions of music industry. And the kayak was over after a year. Although we did not count, I guess we needed about 300 to 500 hours. Because of many improvisations and never before made kayaks, approximately so many ... Profiles need 40-100 hours ... Depends on design ...

There ... I'm really grateful for that experience, the knowledge acquired and the team that was created in that time.
After two years the kayak has met the expectations and resisted the wondrous sea, and we are starting to make the most of the next. The team is ready, it is no longer working in the apartment, but in real work shop, there comes spring, with some new sailing and new boats.

Death of a yachts

Author:Zlatko Ratkajec