Love for nature, adventure and active vacation and longtime work with people on the river resulted in the launch of the Terraktiv agency, specializing in tourist adventure. Our mission is to convey the experience, the experience and the passion of encountering nature with every traveler desiring an adventure. At one-day excursions, you will meet with the most subtle and extraordinary parts of our country under the guidance of experienced licensed guides. Our main excursion is located on the pearl of continental Croatia, the River Mrežnica, which you will see in full glory only when you overcome all its waterfalls with kayaks and rafts. We've put you ahead of us with bigger challenges: ziplines, jump parachutes, bouncing balls, biking, trekking, paintball, windsurfing and sailing, so adrenaline addicts will satisfy their appetites.

Feel the nature of yourself and live the adventure with the Terraktiv Team.

Dario Olrom
Dario Olrom - the main guide on Mreznica, The Eko-Warrior
Martin Bolšec
Martin Bolšec - vikend vodič i HGSS-ovac
Josip Stolarik
Josip Stolarik - profesional driver, The Driver
Duško Sušić
Duško Sušić - profesional driver, The Ghost
Matija Stolarik
Matija Stolarik - a professional outdoor guide, The Boss
Diana Di
Diana Di - Marketing and PR, The Huntress